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Sesión XXXI: Against Mediational Epistemology: Language, Content, and the Reconstruction of Experience

12 Ene

Hola a todos y feliz 2015. La primera sesión de este año la haremos en colaboración con el Dpt. de Lógica y Fª de la Ciencia de la UNED, y contará con Roman Madzia (Universität Koblenz-Landau) presentando “Against Mediational Epistemology: Language, Content, and the Reconstruction of Experience”.

Here comes the abstract:

In his essay ‘Retrieving Realism’ (2013), Charles Taylor criticizes a picture of knowledge which ‘holds captive’ the entire Western philosophical tradition at least since the times of Descartes. According to this picture, our knowledge of, or access to, the world comes about only through some features of the mind. To attain the knowledge of the world we always necessarily employ some pre-existing propositionally articulable structure (ideas, mental representations, conceptual schemes, etc.). Taylor calls the epistemology, based on this sort of paradigmatic approach, ‘mediational epistemology’. According to the mediational epistemology (which also seems to be advocated in the work of neo-pragmatists like Rorty and Brandom), not only is the world accessible only through cetain faculties of the ‘mind’, but (as neo-pragmatists like Brandom, or McDowell hold) all our knowledge can be made explicit, which is to say–it can be articulated into clearly defined, linguistic propositions. Although Taylor himself does not refer to neo-pragmatists as adherents of ‘mediational epistemology’, the proposed paper is going to demonstrate, that it is exactly the linguistically enchanted neo-pragmatism that could be the paradigm case of ‘mediational epistemology’ and hence also, of Cartesianist intellectualism when it comes to the question of knowledge. [read full abstract]

Todo ello el próximo 22 de enero a las 16:00 en la Sala 05 de la Fac. de Ciencias de la UNED (Pº Senda del Rey 9).Taylor

¡Nos vemos!

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