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Sesión XXXVI: Alejandro Hortal, “Herbert Simon: origin and criticism of nudge theory”

5 Jun

Ya estamos de vuelta. Esta vez contaremos con la presencia de Alejandro Hortal (University of North Carolina Greensboro), quien nos hablará de Herbert Simon y la teoría de los “nudges” (toques, empujoncitos). Este es el resumen de la charla:

Herbert Simon was one of the first economists to conceive rationality, in the traditional sense of the concept, as bounded by our cognitive capabilities.

This opened the door to different theories of bounded rationality and diverse approaches about how to deal with it: from an individual level to a policy level (nudge theory).

During the last few years we have seen an increase in the amount of papers centered on the nudge theory approach. At the same time, Gerd Gigierenzer and those proposing a model based on ecological rationality have criticized their findings.

Our paper will review Simon’s role in the genesis of nudge theory as well as its influence in the ecological rationality model.  Both, nudge theory and ecological rationality, are based on the same idea but with opposed conclusions: while nudge theory separates itself from Simon’s core principle of bounded rationality and the role of the structure of the environment, the ecological rationality model uses it as a philosophical foundation of its psychological theory.


Nos veremos el 14 de junio a las 12:00 en la sala 06 de Filosofía de la Facultad de Humanidades de la UNED (Paseo Senda del Rey, 7).

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