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Sesión XXXIV: Mirco Sambrotta (“Boundaries, Vagueness and Quantification. Toward aTheory of the Common-Sense World”)

14 Jul

Terminamos el curso con un seminario sobre metafísica a cargo de Mirco Sambrotta (U. Granada), titulado “Boundaries, Vagueness and Quantification. Toward aTheory of the Common-Sense World”. Este es el resumen:

The purpose of this paper is to show how, reflectively, we can make sense of our un reflective ordinary worldview and of that autonomous domain which most properly deserves the name of ‘common-sense reality’. My aim is to strengthen two thesis: (i) that ontological realism about common sense objects could be compatible with views that are quite deflationary about ontology (ii) that cases of indefiniteness of composition are cases of epistemic indefiniteness. Starting from the metaphysical position expresses by Amie Thomasson in Ordinary Objects (2007) and her lightweight ontology, I will try to shift her conclusions toward a view much closer to the epistemic theory of vagueness as formulated by Timothy Williamson in Vagueness (1994) and Knowledge and its Limits (2000), in order to deal with cases of vague composition (and vague boundaries).

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El seminario tendrá lugar el miércoles 15 de julio a las 12.00, en la Sala de Grados de Filosofía de la UNED (Paseo de Senda del Rey 7).

Esperamos veros allí!

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